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On 13 February 2021, The Department for Transport announced that OZEV’s electric vehicle charging schemes will be opened to small business, leaseholders and those in rented accommodation to accelerate electric vehicle (EV) uptake. The purpose of this informal consultation is to understand the potential demand from your sector, the portfolio of properties that you own, and your opinion on our proposed grant levels and any restrictions we may put in place. A short summary of our proposals is listed below. 
EVHS chargepoint installation fund: 
  • Currently this provides up to 75%, capped at £350, of the cost of retrofit installation of an EV chargepoint in a parking space of a residential building 
  • People renting properties or people living in a unit (e.g. flat) of a multiunit occupancy building (e.g. apartment block) will continue to be able to access the scheme if they have necessary permissions and dedicated parking 
  • The scheme will end for owner-occupiers of single unit occupancy housing, such as detached, semi-detached or terraced housing from 31st March 2022. 
  • Non-resident property owners/managing companies/factors of rental or multiunit occupancy buildings will be able to apply on behalf of their tenants/leaseholders for retrofit installations. This may be capped at 100 applications per linked enterprise (company) 
EVHS ducting fund: 
  • The fund will provide landowners/managing companies up to 75% of the cost of retrofit installation of cabling (and any associated connections and communications) needed for installing 7kW (or higher) chargepoints in at least 80% of the spaces in the carpark of a multiunit residential property  
  • The cost of installing chargepoints may be redeemed using the EVHS chargepoint installation fund, this may be concurrent with the ducting work, subsequent or both 
  • The scheme will probably initially be limited to larger multiunit buildings, having 5 or more units and capped at a maximum of £6,500 per carpark and 10 carparks per linked enterprise 
WCS chargepoint installation fund: 
  • Currently this provides business with up to 75%, capped at £350, of the cost of retrofit installation of an EV chargepoint socket in a parking space dedicated for fleet or staff use. Businesses may apply for up to 40 sockets 
  • The scheme will be extended to permit non-resident property owners/managing companies of business units to apply on behalf of their tenants/leaseholders for retrofit installations. This may initially be capped at £350 per socket and 100 applications per linked enterprise (company) 
As this is not a formal consultation the results will not be published. 

Privacy information notice:
The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is carrying out this consultation to gather evidence on changes to the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. This consultation and the processing of personal data that it entails is necessary for the exercise of our functions as a government department. If your answers contain any information that allows you to be identified, DfT will, under data protection law, be the Controller for this information.
As part of this consultation we’re asking for your name and email address. This is in case we need to ask you follow-up questions about any of your responses. You do not have to give us this personal information. If you do provide it, we will use it only for the purpose of asking follow-up questions. We will not use your name or other personal details that could identify you when we report the results of the consultation.
OZEV's privacy policy has more information about your rights in relation to your personal data, how to complain and how to contact the Data Protection Officer. You can view it at
Your information will be kept securely and destroyed within 24 months after the closing date. Any information provided through the online questionnaire will be moved to our internal systems within 2 months of the consultation end date.

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