PPG Carers Survey

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1. Do you currently look after a friend, relative or neighbour who in your absence is not able to look after themselves due to physical or mental incapacity?


2. Have you been made aware about registering as a carer at the practice?


3. How might we encourage carers to identify themselves to the practice and ask for support if needed?


4. What do you think would be the best way to involve carers in shaping the services provided at Brook Health Centre?


5. Did you know about the following?


6. Which of these do you see as important for GP's to provide?


7. Do you feel your role as a carer is respected/recognised by the following?


8. As a carer do you agree with the following regarding the health and care of the person you look after?


9. As a carer do you find it easy to attend the practice with your own health concerns?


10. If the practice were to organise a carers afternoon which of the following would you be interested in having provided free of charge?


11. Do you have any suggestions that we can do at the surgery to make your life as a carer easier?


12. If you would like to be on our carers register please provide your details below

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