NHS mental health services are provided by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. The Trust has asked us to do a project to hear about people's experiences of being referred to or using NHS mental health services in Bucks. We particularly want to hear from some specific groups that we know from national data have poor access to mental health services and poor outcomes. These are:
  • People who have experienced homelessness
  • LGBT+ communities
  • Minority Ethnic communities (particularly South Asian communities and Black males)
  • People who have had substance misuse issues
  • Areas where there are higher levels of deprivation.
Please give us your views in confidence by completing our survey. It will only take a few minutes. You can help make the services better for you and your community. Healthwatch Bucks is independent. We’re not part of the NHS. This survey does not collect any data that can be used to identify you. Please don't include any personal information like names or detailed health notes in the free text responses.

We will write a report based on people’s feedback. We will also suggest ways that Oxford Health can change how it works to give you and your community a better service. The report will be shared with the Trust and published on our website. The feedback will be anonymised. We will not include information that could identify you and individual responses will not be shared.

You can also give us your views over the telephone or online (eg MS Teams or Zoom). Please ring us on 01494 32 48 32 or email info@healthwatchbucks.co.uk so we can arrange a time to talk to you. We can also organise for an interpreter to join us.
Thank you for taking the time to do this survey.