SPVS EMS Survey 2021

1. Introduction

COVID 19 has severely impacted on EMS provision for students. The purpose of this survey is to identify the future challenges in providing EMS and to evaluate some potential solutions to help improve provision and quality of EMS provision.   

1. Is your practice


2. What is your primary role?


3. In which broad area of the profession do you primarily work?


4. What is the nature of your employment in this role?


5. In the light of the current crisis which of the following areas are the most important factors in the decision whether or not you (your practice) provides EMS?
Mark each area from 1-10 where 1 is least relevant and 10 is most relevant

1 Least2345678910 Most
Not enough veterinary staff
Too much work to do
Not enough time/ energy to support student
Fear of introducing COVID to my practice
No housing available for student
Not enough interesting work for the student