2023 Citizens Advice North Herts Access Survey


1. Are you or have you ever been a client of Citizens Advice? *


2. How would you like to be able to get advice? (Tick up to 2 ) *


3. If you wanted a face to face advice appointment, which location would you prefer ? (Tick only 1 box ) *


4. When is the best time for you to contact us? (Tick only 1 box) *


5. Do you have use of a car? *


6. Do you have access to the internet and feel comfortable using it? *


7. Over the next year, what do you think are the top three issues (from the list below) that will affect your household the most?


8. In addition to advice, we can also offer the following services; please tick the 1 that interests you the most.


9. What is your age? *


10. Do you class yourself as having a disability or long term health condition? *


11. Which of the following categories best describes your employment status? *


12. Please add any additional comments or suggestions for our service.