Have your say: the constitutional future of Wales


1. What matters to you about the way Wales is run?


2. What do you think the priorities for the commission should be?


3. Thinking about how Wales is governed, by the Welsh Government and the UK government, what are the strengths of the current system, what aspects do you most value and wish to protect? Can you provide examples?


4. Are there any problems with the current system, and if so, how could they be addressed? Again, please provide examples.


5. Thinking about the UK government, the Welsh Government and Welsh local government (your local council), what do you think about the balance of power and responsibility between these 3 types of government – is it about right or should it change and if so, how? For example, who should have more power, or less?


6. As a distinct country and political unit, how should Wales be governed in the future? Should we:
  • broadly keep the current arrangements where Wales is governed as part of the UK, and the Westminster Parliament delegates some responsibilities to the Senedd and Welsh Government, with those responsibilities adjusted as in Q5, OR
  • move towards Wales having more autonomy to decide for itself within a more federal UK, with most matters decided by the Senedd and Welsh Government, and the Westminster Parliament decides UK-wide matters on behalf of Wales (and other parts of the UK) OR
  • move towards Wales having full control to govern itself and be independent from the UK OR
  • pursue any other governance model you would like to suggest
  • alongside any of these options, should more responsibilities be given to local councils bringing decision making closer to people across Wales and if so, please provide examples.


7. Overall, what is most important to you about the way in which Wales should be governed in the future? Is there anything else you want to tell us?


8. In responding to these questions, we would welcome views on how the current forms of governance, and any proposals to change governance in the future, might impact on the Welsh language.


Information to include: Please let the commission know if you are writing in a personal capacity or on behalf of an organisation. If you are writing on behalf of an organisation, it would be helpful if you could confirm its purpose, size and membership.


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