Consultation on the uptake of MMR Vaccinations in Wandsworth

Healthwatch Wandsworth (HWW) is the patient and public champion for people in Wandsworth who use local health and social care services. We listen to patients, their relatives or carers, who tell us what areas of these services are working well, and what could be made better.

Historically and currently, London performs lower than national (England) averages across all immunisation programmes. The challenges that London faces (which are the same challenges Wandsworth faces) in attaining high coverage and uptake vaccination rates is due to the high population mobility. Recently there have been a number of cases measles so it’s important to understand if there are reasons why people are not keeping up to date with key vaccinations.

The NHS is reminding people that immunisation as well other vital services should be used as they normally would, GPs are working in different ways to support patients. Routine vaccinations for babies, pre-school children and adults are continuing as normal except vaccinations usually given at school which are being rescheduled.

More information on immunisations can be found here.