Care Together - Resident's survey

1. Introduction

Care Together is a Cambridgeshire County Council programme, produced in partnership with Health and other local partners and stakeholders including residents.

The focus will be on how we can all work together to support older people to live happily at home for longer and will include:
  1. Access to early support services to provide help when first needed.
  2. More local homecare services and daytime activities.
  3. Support for older people living in the community with long-term care and support needs.
Residents over the age of 55 or looking after a person over the age of 55 are invited to complete this survey.

Please answer as many questions as you can and click the submit button when you have finished.  It may take 9 minutes to complete this survey.  This survey will be open until 15th April 2023.

Privacy statement - You do not have to give us any personal information.  We will not publish any personal details you do give us, but may publish your response, and include it in public reports, with personal details removed.  Personal data will be held securely, in accordance with data protection legislation.  We will only store it for 12 months.  For more information please read Privacy notice - Cambridgeshire County Council


1. Are you or the person you look after, over 55 years old? *


2. Which South Cambridgeshire village or Cambridge City community/ward do you live in? *