We are seeking views on updated best practice guidance for taxi and private hire vehicle licensing authorities and any evidence that supports those views.

Closing date is 20 June 2022.

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Confidentiality and data protection

This consultation is seeking views on a new best practice guidance for taxi and private hire vehicle licensing authorities and any evidence that supports those views.  

We are asking for:

  • your name and email address, in case we need to ask you follow-up questions about your responses (you do not have to give us this personal information, but if you do provide it, we will use it only for the purpose of asking follow-up questions)
  • whether you are representing an organisation or yourself
From individuals we are also asking if you are a licenced taxi driver, private hire vehicle driver or both, to ascertain your relationship to the topic.

For organisations we are asking for: 
  • the name of your organisation, for identification
  • the type of organisation being responded on behalf of, to better understand your work
  • if a trade bodies or representative group
    - the number of members, to weigh your response in analysis
  • if a private vehicle operator, taxi intermediary or another type of organisation
    - the number of vehicles in your fleet, to better understand the effect to your business

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