Onboarding Site Feedback Quick Survey

1. NHS Senior Leadership Onboarding and Support - National Onboarding Resources for Senior Leaders

The NHS Leadership Academy undertakes continuous research into the inclusion and development impact of leadership development.

We want to make sure that this website is reaching the people as intended. You can help us understand who we are reaching, by completing this feedback form.

We will use this data anonymously to identify gaps in our reach and take targeted actions to ensure we are reaching the people we need to across health and care.

Summarised findings will be used for future updates and improvements and for inclusion monitoring and reporting. All the information collected, will be stored by Smart Survey, and handled by NHS England.

1. Which part of the website do you find the most helpful in general and why? *


2. Which part of the website do you feel is the least beneficial and why? *


3. Is there anything else you would like to be included on the website? *


4. What impact do you think the website has had or will have on your work? *


5. What do you feel that the senior onboarding website has offered in terms of support or knowledge, that you would not have received from another source?

Tell us about it?

Where else could you go to for this type of support and knowledge?


6. On a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being "Not useful at all" and 5 representing “Very useful and relevant”) how would you rate the onboarding website? *