Outreach Fund - Communicating Chemistry Grant


1. Before you start
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Before completing your application please read our eligibility and criteria guidelines provided below. 

Please note that grants should be for up to £500 and will only be awarded to projects taking place in the UK and Republic of Ireland. If you have any questions about completing the form please get in touch with us at outreach@rsc.org or by calling 01223 438392 or 01223 432200.

The application form may take 30 - 45 minutes to complete. Word count guidance is provided where appropriate but please be clear and concise for all your answers. You can save a partially completed application form and return to it later. Once you have submitted your application you will not have any further opportunities to amend it. You should expect to hear the outcome of your application within 2-4 weeks of the close of applications.

Important: we can only accept applications from people over the age of 18. For any deadlines please see the information on our website.
  • This grant is primarily for the purchase of consumables and travel expenses
  • This grant is restricted to one per individual/ group/ school per year. Those wishing to apply for additional or larger grants should submit an application via our small or large Outreach Fund grants
  • Applicants should not resubmit an unsuccessful application unless invited to do so
  • Funding is only available for projects within the UK or Republic of Ireland

All applications will be judged on the following criteria and should clearly demonstrate:
  • a significant aspect which is related to the chemical sciences
  • a clearly identified target audience
  • an intended impact on the audience has been defined
  • evaluation plans are built into the project