FISSS - COVID 19 and Apprenticeships; How are you coping?

1. COVID 19 and Apprenticeship Provision

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all organisations to adapt at short notice. Organisations in the sector have mounted a heroic response to keep the show on the road. We want to collate innovative solutions so we can share best practice. We also recognise that barriers to provision still remain and we want to know about these so we can lobby for them to be removed.

We appreciate that many of you are busy and this will only take up to five minutes of your time. We would appreciate a response as soon as possible but the survey will remain open so we can continue to collect feedback.

The insights from this survey will be shared with the sector and government.

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2. Name of organisation


3. What type of organisation are you? (If your organisation fits into more than one of these categories, please feel free to complete multiple surveys so we can understand how Covid-19 is affecting different parts of the Apprenticeship system.) *