Richard Long at Houghton: RATING THE WEBSITE


1. Thank-you for filling in this questionnaire, which contains 6 questions. They are designed to collect your early impressions of the website and the online resources supporting the BeLong Project. It is not expected that you will have necessarily begun to use the resources with your class(es) yet.

By completing the questionnaire you consent to the use of material from it for evaluation purposes only.

What are your first impressions of the website? Please select as many options as you need:


2. Have you visited the Book Now page of the website?


3. This question is about your first impressions of the website's materials and resources in relation to your work as a teacher.

What are your first thoughts about the website-based materials? Please select as many options as you need:


4. This question is about any plans or ideas you may have at the moment for using the materials on the website with your pupils.

In what ways do you think you might use the website with your class? Please select as many options as you need:


5. This question is about uploading work to the Schools Gallery website.


6. If you are happy to discuss any aspects of your involvement with the BeLong Project, please contact the project evaluator by email at

This is the last question.

Is there anything else you would like to say about the website or your experience of using it? If so, please comment in the box.

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