Public Transport Fare Policy Review

1. About this consultation

ZetTrans is reviewing public transport fare policy to see whether different fares could benefit our community by reducing inequality and encouraging use of sustainable transport. 

The review covers bus, air and ferry services within Shetland. It does not include the external transport services operated by Northlink and Loganair. It covers all public transport fares in Shetland except:
  • Fares charged for commercial vehicles and freight on inter-island ferries
  • Fares set throughout Scotland, like free bus travel for those aged  60 or above.

Reference Economic Consultants were appointed to undertake research for for the review, using a two-stage process known as Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG).

This consultation is seeking views on the main findings from Stage 1.  The Stage 1 report can be found at: Information on current public transport fares can be found at:
Even if you do not currently use public transport in Shetland we would like you to complete this survey to give us your personal views.

The consultation results will inform Stage 2 of the review, which will provide recommendations for ZetTrans/Shetland Islands Council to take forward.

The closing date for responses to this consultation is April 19th 2021.

ZetTrans and Reference Economic Consultants will treat the information you provide as strictly confidential. It will only be used for the purposes stated. Individual responses will not be passed on to any other parties and your individual response will not be identifiable in the reports that are produced. If you would like any further information please contact