School sign up survey for the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Youth Engagement Programme 2024-5

1. About the Youth Engagement Programme


The House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee is a cross-party group of Members of the House of Lords appointed to consider the environment and climate change.  
The Committee is offering schools and colleges the opportunity to work with the Environment and Climate Change Committee and advise on the issues the Committee should look at and the questions it might ask, as part of a youth engagement panel.  
This opportunity is ideally suited for schools/colleges that teach 14–18-year-olds.  
A small number of schools/colleges will be selected for the programme. Successful schools/colleges will be expected to commit to the youth engagement programme for a period of one academic year, running from September 2024 to July 2025.  The core part of the programme is expected to run from September through until April.  
A full list of ground rules and expectations can be found on the next page, but if you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please contact us via  
The deadline for applications to be received is Monday 22nd July at 12pm. Schools and colleges will be informed of the outcome by Monday 29th July, and the programme will begin in September 2024.  
If your school/college is selected to participate in the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee Youth Engagement Programme, you agree to:  
Commit yourself and your school/college to the panel for a minimum of one year.  
For schools to keep regular contact with the Engagement Team and maintain responsiveness over email.  
Attend an induction session to learn more about the Committee and the engagement programme . It is likely this session will be virtual.  
Ability to attend virtual sessions with members of the Committee to discuss Committee work and their inquiry (yet to be decided). We will aim to keep the level of engagement manageable for schools. In return we expect consistent engagement throughout the programme from school leads.  
Run lessons with your students to gather their views and experiences to help inform the Committee’s work.  
Have some ability to  commit to engagement activities outside of school hours (relating to virtual engagements or conversations with the Committee) 
You will not bring the Committee and its work into disrepute.  
What you can expect from us:
There will be periodic check-ins via MS Teams with all schools involved, allowing teachers to ask questions to the select Committee Engagement Team and for the Select Committee Engagement Team   to relay any key engagement updates 
We will provide packs to support lessons about the Committee’s work. We will provide necessary resources throughout the programme.  
The Committee will consider written feedback from the schools/colleges on the inquiry topics and evidence from witnesses, and what questions the students think need to be asked (particularly of Government) as a result.  
The students in some capacity will have the opportunity to meet separately with the chair of the Committee.  
Written acknowledgement from us thanking you for your participation.