With the highly anticipated launch of the UK’s Department for Transport’s Road Safety Strategic Framework, it is important to understand to what extent road safety professionals at the local level are equipped to assist in delivering the plans which will be outlined.

This survey is supported by numerous road safety organisations in the UK, all of whom recognise the invaluable local level delivery role. Those helping to disseminate and develop the survey include ADEPT, CIHT, IHE, PACTS, RAC Foundation, RoadSafe, IAM Road Smart, Road Safety Foundation, and Road Safety GB.

By participating and answering these questions, you will be ensuring that local needs and priorities are sufficiently represented and well understood, aiding in the development of advocacy, training, and other developments to help support you in your work. Without your involvement, we will be missing a critical part of the picture. 

We therefore thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to this survey. We have committed to revisiting this survey annually, allowing us all to track developments over time and to create a compelling case for continued development of the road safety sector.  
No sensitive information will be requested and any information about your organisation will not be shared. We do ask some information on the composition and capacity of your teams – this is to assist with comparative analysis across types of organisations, providing you with insight as to how others like you are getting on.

The survey will remain open throughout the summer, closing on Friday 15th September. We aim to publish the findings in a report in mid-October.  We will follow this up with a new three-part webinar series dedicated to the safe system and building capacity, based on what the survey reveals.

Anyone from a UK local authority, police force, fire and rescue service or road safety partnership, will be able to participate even if someone else from your team has already taken part. We are keen to build a complete picture across the road safety sector so we would encourage you to share this with your colleagues too.

You can save the survey and come back to it at any time. A link will be emailed to you to enable you to return to your partially completed survey responses. The survey takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Thank you once again for your participation. We really hope the results will assist you in your road safety role.