This form is for manufacturers to apply for approval of chargepoint models so they can be installed under the following schemes:

OZEV's Residential EV Chargepoint Grant Schemes:

  • EV chargepoint grant for flat owner-occupiers and people living in rented properties
  • EV chargepoint grant for residential landlords
  • EV infrastructure grant for residential car parks

OZEV's Commercial EV Chargepoint Grant Schemes:

  • EV chargepoint grant for commercial landlords
  • EV infrastructure grant for staff and fleets
  • Workplace Charging Scheme
  • Workplace Charging Scheme for state-funded education institutions

Before completing the form, please read chargepoint model approval process for manufacturers available at:

Your equipment will have to fully meet the minimum technical specifications for the scheme you are applying for. See:

Please direct any questions regarding the application process to

Before you start
To complete this application you'll need to upload electronic copies of:

  • Declaration of Conformity certificate for UKCA marking or CE marking in accordance with EC Directive 768/2008/EC 
  • operating manual
  • warranty document confirming the minimum requirements of the scheme

Data protection regulations
The personal data you provide is purely for the use of this service. It is a business requirement to hold this information until your chargepoint unit is removed from the scheme or the scheme ends. At this point, we will hold your details for no longer than 3 years for warranty purposes. The contact details will be provided publicly on the OZEV website for installers and customers to get in touch.

Further details on OZEV’s privacy policy can be found at