User feedback survey ISO/IEC 17025

1. Purpose of the survey

The survey is organized by ISO CASCO, the ISO committee on conformity assessment that developed ISO/IEC 17025.

The purpose is to collect feedback from users on the value of the 2017 version, in comparison to the previous one. It is to know whether it has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the laboratory and if the individual requirements are appropriate.

This survey replaces the one conducted when ISO/IEC 17025 was published in 2017 as the analysis of the results showed that it was too early in the implementation process to get valuable detailed feedback. The committee decided to wait for the end of the transition period to launch a new one.

If you have completed the earlier version of the survey in 2018, we kindly ask you to participate in this new one as a number of questions have changed, and it is likely that views on implementation will have changed as the original survey was launched early in the implementation phase.  
We thank you in advance for completing it.