Stoma Survey
The NHS in Liverpool wants to improve care for adults and children using stoma products. Before we make any changes we’d like to hear from people using stoma products, families, carers and support organisations. Please take a few minutes to tell us what you think by filling in this short survey.

We will use the information collected in this survey to inform plans and highlight any issues that we may not have thought about yet. The survey is anonymous so any information you share will be confidential.

More details regarding the proposal can be found on our website.

Questions marked with a red asterisk (*) require an answer.

1. Are you responding to this survey as an individual or on behalf of an organisation? *


2. Which age group do you belong to? *


3. Please enter your postcode: *


4. So we can better understand your perspective please tell us about your interest in stoma products: *


5. Who dispenses/dispensed the stoma products for you/the person you care for? *


6. If you/someone you care for had queries about products, who would you ask first? *


7. Do you recognise the issues described and why we are proposing changes to the way stoma products are prescribed? *


8. What do you think of the plan to have a specialist service managing stoma prescriptions in the way we have described? *


9. What do you think about an annual review of stoma products? *


10. What do you think about receiving a monthly call to arrange stoma prescription? *


11. How would you prefer this contact to be made? *


12. When would you prefer this contact to be made? *

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13. Is there anything in the proposed service that you think may make it difficult to use? e.g. communications requirements/cultural issues? *


14. Do you have any further comments about the proposal?


15. Where did you hear about this survey?