‘General Practice Out of Hours Service’ Available week nights and Saturdays.


1. Which of the following best applies to you


2. Which GP Practice are you or the person you are completing for registered at:


3. What is your age


4. What is your gender


5. Do you consider yourself to be disabled and if so what is the nature of your disability


6. Please indicate how happy you would be to attend the following appointments at a different location to your usual practice, if it meant you could be seen faster:

Very happy to attendHappy to attendNot ideal but I would attendIf it was the only option I would attendVery unhappy and I would not attend
Physio appointment
Urgent Same Day
Planned Pre-Booked Appointment
Specialist appointment ie Diabetic, Mental health etc
GP Appointment
Nurse appointment
Chronic Disease Management
Minor Illness
Screening such as cervical smears
Support Groups

7. How far in advance would it be most useful for you to book appointments


8. How likely are you to use additional appointments at the following times:

Very LikelySometimesNot Very LikelyNot at allDon’t know/ unsure
Weekday evening 6:30 -8 pm
Saturday morning 9am -12pm
Saturday afternoon 1pm - 5pm
Sunday morning 9am - 1 pm
Weekdays early morning 7:00 -8:00

9. Of all potential Enhanced Access appointment slots, which are your preferred time/s?


10. If you were offered an appointment at another location at a convenient time, how long would you be prepared to travel/be able to travel for?

0-10 minutes10-20 minutes20-30 minutes30-40 minutesI am not willing / able to travel to another practice
Urgent Same day appointment
A routine appointment

11. Please select your preferred consultation type


12. Please share more details on your views about the following methods of appointment consultations:
Please state how far you agree with the following statements:

Strongly agreeAgreeNeither agree nor disagreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
I am happy to attend face to face when this is appropriate
I am happy to have an appointment over the telephone where this is appropriate
I am happy and able to attend appointments via video call

13. Which mode of transport do you use most often to get to your GP practice?


14. In minutes, how long does it normally take you to get to your GP practice using your most-used method of transport?