This Healthwatch Staffordshire survey collects feedback about people's experiences of using the 999 Ambulance Services in Staffordshire.  You may respond as a patient who needed to use the service or on behalf of such a patient.  If you used the 999 British Sign Language (BSL) service, then please give any feedback about this service under question 20 'Anything else?'.


The survey is completely anonymous and the results will be used in our reports to influence development of future services. Please note that any comments you give may be quoted (anonymously) in our public reports and/or shared with the County Council and/or the NHS to inform them of people's feedback.


If you would like any further information or have any other feedback about local Health and Social Care then please call us on 0800 051 8371 or email us at


The Survey Closes at midnight on Sunday 10th March.

1. Please specify who you are: (select all that apply) *


2. What is your overall experience of using the ambulance service following a 999 call? *

Select rating

3. Why was an ambulance called? (select all that apply) *


4. Was anyone else contacted before calling an ambulance? *


5. Who did you consider calling and why did you decide against it? (go to question 7 next)


6. Please specify who you called and the results.


7. Where was the patient when the ambulance service was called? *


8. When the call was put through to the ambulance service control room, did the patient speak to the operator? *


9. Did the ambulance control room operator pass the call on to a telephone advisor to assess the situation or give advice over the phone? *


10. Was the ambulance service sent out to help the patient? *


11. Please give the estimated wait time (if given) and the actual wait time  *

Not givenLess than an hour1-2 hours2-4 hours4-6 hours6-8 hours8-10 hoursMore than 10 hoursDon't remember
Estimated wait time
Actual wait time

Did you call the ambulance service back at any point ? *


12. How did the patient feel about the length of time they were actually waiting before someone from the ambulance service arrived? *


13. Did the crew explain the care and treatment in a way the patient  could understand? *


14. Did the patient feel respected and listened to? *


15. Was the patient taken to hospital? *


16. Where did the ambulance take you?


17. Were you given any advice about eating or taking medication while waiting for the Ambulance? 


18. How long did you wait to be taken off the ambulance? (go to question 20 next)


19. Did the ambulance service put you in touch, or tell you to contact, any other parts of the NHS or any other organisations?


20. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?


The following demographic questions about the patient are optional to answer. If you feel able to answer these it can be very helpful to us to see how different groups of people experience the same services.

21. In which Council area does the patient live?


22. Please tell us the patient's age


23. Please tell us the patient's gender


24. How would you describe the patient's marital or partnership status?


25. Please select the patient's ethnicity


26. Please select any of the following that apply to the patient:


27. Has the patient been diagnosed with any of the following?