Richard Long at Houghton BEFORE THE VISIT


1. Thank-you for filling in this questionnaire. There are 12 questions. Your responses will help in the evaluation of the BeLong Project, part of 'EARTH SKY: Richard Long at Houghton'.

By completing the questionnaire you consent to the use of material from it for evaluation purposes only.

The questionnaire is mostly focused on why you decided to bring your pupils or students to see the sculptures at Houghton Hall, how you prepared for the visit, and what you hope your students or pupils might get from it.

Please indicate the year group(s) coming to Houghton Hall:


2. Were pupils/students selected for this visit?


3. Did you see this visit as offering an opportunity for inclusive practice?


4. How did you find out about the BeLong Project at Houghton Hall?


5. As a teacher, what attracted you to the BeLong Project?


6. Why did you decide to bring your group to Houghton Hall?
Please choose as many options as you need.


7. How have you prepared your pupils or students for their visit?
Please choose as many options as you need.


8. What do you hope your pupils or students will get out of their visit?
Please select as many responses as you wish


9. In getting ready for your visit, how useful have you found the online educational resources?


10. Please rate the usefulness of the website pages in helping you prepare for your visit.

Very helpfulHelpfulNot much helpDid not use
Home Page
Explore the Map
Page about each Richard Long sculpture
Learn More: pages about Land Art, materials, Richard Long etc.
Your Visit: information about Houghton, risk assessments etc.
Schools Gallery

11. What do you think will make the visit especially educationally valuable?
You may want to consider this question in relation to all your pupils or students, or just to some.


12. If you would like to add any further comments about how you have prepared for your visit, please do so.

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