Official Nominator Application Form 2024

The Earthshot Prize has developed a global network of Official Nominators that are selected for their ability to identify the most impactful solutions to the five Earthshots. Each year Nominators submit solutions to our 5 Earthshots to be considered for the Prize.

We welcome you to fill in the form below and register your interest in becoming an Official Nominator for The Earthshot Prize 2024!

Your application marks the first step towards an exciting opportunity. While we cannot guarantee immediate Nominator status, we value your enthusiasm and are excited to review your submission. The information you provide will be used for communication purposes and to assess your suitability, ensuring we find the perfect fit for our esteemed Nominator network. Should you meet our criteria and pass our due diligence, we will be delighted to extend an invitation to you. 

Please note, this form is for Nominator applicants only; it is not suitable for prize applicants or nominees.

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