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What are Autism Representatives (A-Reps)?

Many autistic people tell us that effective therapies for common difficulties would help them live a better life. Autistica and University of Cambridge are partnering on a project called AIMS-2-TRIALS which aims to offer personalised approaches for autistic people. The Autism Representatives Group (A-Reps) is an essential component of AIMS-2-TRIALS. The A-Reps are a European-wide group of autistic adults and parents/carers of autistic people. The A-Reps will consult on AIMS-2-TRIALS from the many different perspectives of people with personal experience of autism.

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What will A-Reps do?
The A-Reps Group will provide the autistic and family perspective on AIMS-2-TRIALS to ensure:
  • There are independent community voices within the project
  • Language and materials used are appropriate
  • Researchers can hear the priorities of autistic people and families within the wider remit of the study
  • AIMS-2-TRIALS has the best possible impact for autistic people and their family members

Who can be an A-Rep?
No special qualifications or scientific experience are needed. No matter what your background or experience is, we would like to hear from you. A-Reps should be over the age of 18 and a resident of country which is part of the European Union. A small steering committee will select the A-Rep group and ensure its composition is appropriate according to the selection criteria which has also been reviewed. 

What support do A-Reps receive?
All efforts will be made to support and inform you throughout the project. We will accommodate any accessibility requirements that you have. We provide e-training to give you the skills needed to take part. Expenses will be covered, and you will be offered compensation for your time.
How do I apply?
Read the full role description and click 'next page'. Recruitment will close on 25 March 2019 midnight. Applicants can expect to hear back by end of April.


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