Access to Explosive Materials - Expression of Interest to join the 2021 Event



Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) is hosting a second event during which access to a range of explosive materials will be provided in a safe and controlled environment for data collection. Building on the success of the first event of this type, held in September 2019, technology developers, manufacturers and suppliers of detection systems are invited to attend.

The event will provide an opportunity to collect data from a variety of novel Home-Made Explosives (HME) to assist with the development of their detection systems. Following feedback from the last event these materials will be provided in realistic threat quantities, and in viable concealments without initiation systems.

Event details
This event will be held at the UK Home Made Explosives (HME) Facility and Centre of Excellence at the Defence and Science Technology Laboratory (Dstl) Porton Down, Salisbury in September 2021. Due to COVID-19, the dates and scope of this event may be subject to change, and the event could be cancelled (in an extreme case), depending on the government guidelines in place at the time.

The primary aim of the event is to facilitate access to HME materials not easily accessed elsewhere for data collection purposes.
Participation in the event is free of charge, although organisations attending will be required to cover their own expenses and costs in relation to for staff attendance, equipment transport and equipment setup.

Due to capacity at the facility and safety requirements, the number of detection systems permitted to participate will be limited, depending on size, technology type and benefit from the data collected. Therefore, it is likely to prove necessary to prioritise attendance. HMG will review all Expression of Interests (EOI) received and select organisations to attend based on the information supplied.

Considerations for Respondents
  • Please be aware that due to the work conducted by Dstl, there may be some restrictions on international applications for this event; 
  • Participants will be required to ensure equipment and staff are available to attend the event for up to 5 consecutive days. This may be subject to change;
  • Participants may be required to install their detection system in the week prior to the event and uninstall it in the week after the event;
  • There will be other organisations and equipment in the same vicinity as your equipment;
  • Due to safety requirements, tasks involving testing of explosive materials, including operating your equipment, will be conducted by appropriately trained government staff;
  • Participants will be required to sign and adhere to risk assessments, health and safety procedures and non-disclosure/material transfer agreements etc. as required by HMG. A full list of documentation will be provided to selected organisations subsequent to the offer of a place at the event;
  • By formally accepting a place at the event participants are committing to providing the required staff and equipment;
  • HMG will not provide any report, or similar, from the event, but participants will have full access to the data collected by their equipment;
  • HMG may announce details after the event. Organisations attending may choose not to be named in any announcement. Organisations must not disclose their involvement in the event without written permission from HMG;
  • Due to the nature of this particular event, it is not suitable for explosives detection dogs.

Guidelines for completing the EOI
Please confirm your interest in attending the event by completing an EOI form.

A separate form is required for each detection system / configuration that organisations would like to be considered for the event; please indicate the relative priority of each of your EOI submissions.

We encourage EOIs from previous participants of the 2019 Access to Explosives Materials Event as the format of the 2021 event will be different, based on participant feedback, and HMG and industry requirements.

HMG will review all EOIs received and prioritise the applications against the Assessment Criteria for Expression of Interests which is available [here].

All of the questions in the following EOI are mandatory, if they do not apply to you, please answer N/A.

All completed EOI responses must be submitted by 11:59am on 17th March 2021.

Next steps
HMG will review the responses submitted by this deadline and organisations will be informed within four weeks of the closing date for submission. Notifications will be via the nominated point of contact and will confirm whether the submission has been successful. It is HMG’s aspiration to facilitate events of this type again and therefore unsuccessful applicants / equipment may have the opportunity to attend in the future.

For organisations selected to attend, a list of the explosive materials available at the event will be released after a non-disclosure agreement/materials transfer agreement has been signed.

Detailed event format and coordination discussions will be held with the organisations who are offered a place at the event in April or May 2021.

Questions can be directed to before 15th March 2021.

Emails should have ‘Access to Explosive Materials Event 2021 EOI Questions’ in the subject line. JSaRC cannot guarantee that questions received after the deadline will be responded to.

The Event is a data collection exercise only and does not offer HMG endorsement, approval, verification or certification of your equipment nor does it form part of any commercial procurement activity.


Please confirm you have read and understood the above text, including the Assessment Criteria for Expression of Interests *


Please confirm that you understand you must submit one EOI response per Detection System *


If you were successfully invited to attend the Access to Explosives Event, do you confirm that your organisation would be willing to sign an NDA/Material Transfer Agreement in order to take part? *