Grassyards Road trial cycle lane segregation scheme


1. Thank you for taking the time to have your say about the extended trial of soft segregation on existing cycle lanes, on Grassyards Road, Kilmarnock

Are you responding as a parent of a child at Willowbank School; an employee/teacher at Willowbank School; a resident; a cyclist who uses this route; or in another capacity? *


2. Please tell us what you like and/or don't like about the cycle segregation scheme and what (if anything) you think should be changed *


3. Would you like the segregation scheme to be made permanent? *


4. As part of the trial we have put temporary waiting restrictions (double yellow lines) at nearby junctions to prevent obstructive parking in these areas. Would you like to see these restrictions kept in place, removed, made longer or made shorter?



5. When travelling through this area, are you normally travelling by car, bike or on foot? (Please choose your main mode) *


6. Do you have any other comments about this scheme? (If you would like the scheme to be kept but with changes, please use the space below to outline your suggestions).