A4018 Improvements consultation
The A4018 – known variously as Wyck Beck Road, Passage Road, Falcondale Road, and Westbury Road from north to south – is one of the most important routes into central Bristol.

Because of this, it can be severely congested throughout the day.
Why Are We Proposing Changes?

Over the next few years, a large new development of housing, business, and retail will be built on the former Filton Airfield site. Both local residents and many of the people living and working in the new development will need to travel into and through Bristol on the A4018.

Our traffic modelling has shown that the road will need improvements to tackle the increase in demand and to keep the A4018 flowing to support local residents and businesses. We believe that the best way to do this is a major investment in public transport.

As we are building the proposed infrastructure for the development, we would also like to take the opportunity to enhance the centre of Westbury Village for residents and reduce traffic.
What Changes Are We Proposing?

The plans shown here outline how we propose to achieve these improvements.

We aim to:
  • Make bus journeys into Bristol quicker and more reliable.
  • Ensure that buses are the best way of travelling into Bristol, as well as for shorter trips along the route.
  • Improve the ‘feel’ and environment of the road for local residents and commuters.
  • Encourage walking and cycling trips on the route by making them safer and more convenient.
  • Improve the attractiveness and vitality of Westbury Village, especially as a shopping destination, by removing the rat-running through-traffic and improving the setting and accessibility of the war memorial.
We propose to do this by adding inbound and outbound bus lanes, and by creating new junctions with traffic lights to improve traffic flow. These junctions would make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross the road. As part of these proposals, we have designed public spaces to improve the character of the road with new trees and green spaces. We also propose that these improvements would be supported by reducing speed limits to 30mph in some areas.

This includes proposed restrictions to the below road movements:
  1. Falcondale Road; ahead only at junction with Henbury Hill and Henbury Road. This change would apply to both northbound and southbound traffic. 
  2. Canford Road; left turn only onto Falcondale Road. 
  3. Westbury Court Road; left only movement onto Falcondale Road. 
  4. Abbey Road; left only movement onto Falcondale Road. 
  5. Lampeter Road; left only movement onto Falcondale Road. 
  6. Westbury Road; left only movement onto the A4018, Westbury Road.

1. Do you agree with the proposed series of junction changes from Westbury Road and Falcondale Road to Crow Lane and Knole Lane junction? (These are intended to improve traffic flow and make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross the road)


2. Do you agree with the proposed locations of the new bus lanes? (Please note that the bus lanes can be used by buses, taxis, cycles and motorcycles)


3. Do you agree that the proposed bus lanes should operate 24 hours a day?


4. Do you agree with the proposed improvements to the shared-use path for pedestrians and cyclists on the Downs alongside the A4018?


5. We propose supporting the improvements by reducing speed limits to 30mph in some areas. We are currently considering reducing the speed limit to 30mph for the entirety of Passage Road. Please comment below to let us know whether you agree with this change.