Greater Manchester Assisted Conception and Fertility Treatment Services Review Patient and Public Engagement Survey

1. Assisted Conception and Fertility Services Patient and Public Engagement Survey

What are Assisted Conception and Fertility Treatment Services?
Assisted conception is a collective name for treatments designed to lead to conception by means other than sexual intercourse. Local commissioners are responsible for funding services across Greater Manchester for people who seek treatment to aid conception.

Infertility in heterosexual couples is usually defined as the failure to achieve a pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.  This definition does not apply to single women and couples in same sex relationships. However, single women, couples in same-sex relationships and trans-gender people may need fertility evaluation and treatment to aid conception. If a cause of infertility is diagnosed, or if infertility persists despite appropriate treatments and recommended lifestyle changes, a referral to an assisted conception services may be appropriate.

Why your views are important to the NHS in planning services?
Greater Manchester (GM) Joint Commissioning Board (the people who buy NHS services) wishes to ensure that Greater Manchester residents receive a high quality, clinically safe and sustainable, assisted conception and fertility treatment services now and in the future.  To support this, GM commissioners are reviewing all assisted conception/fertility treatment services provided to GM residents. Commissioners want to understand the patient experience from the start of the referral process, right through to receiving treatment.    The review will include doctors, patients, and other healthcare staff and commissioners from across all areas of GM working together. 

It is important that commissioners understand what works well now, what does not work well and what needs to be changed to improve GM assisted conception and fertility treatment service provision.  As you have received care either currently or in the past, we want to ask if you could share your views and experience.  If you have not yet accessed a service, but may need to in the future, we want to know what you consider would matter most about the care you receive.

No decisions have been made about future service provision or will be made at this stage. Commissioners and healthcare professionals are still exploring potential solutions and your views are important.

This activity is an engagement activity not a public consultation.  If, because of the review, changes to existing services are required, this may involve formal public consultation taking place.  However, we at not at that stage and the findings from this review will be made public and shared via websites of your service providers and/or partners supporting the patient and public engagement. 

We want to highlight this review does not include or change the number of cycles of IVF that people can have.  This has already been agreed locally and is not affected. However, understanding the experiences of patients using assisted conception/fertility treatment services (which IVF for some people is part of their treatment plan) has been included in this review.

How you can share your views

Patient and public views will be recorded via the online survey, telephone interviews and/or participating in focus group discussions.  Your responses are confidential and completely anonymised.  There are no patient identifiable questions involved.

If you have not used this service but would like to share your views as somebody who might wish to use this in the future, your responses are also anonymous.

If you are responding on behalf of an organisation please can you identify who this organisation is so we can ensure this is highlighted in the feedback summary report.

There are focus groups being held to specifically include the following communities/groups of interest. You may identify yourself under more than one of these groups and therefore you can register to attend as many group discussions that you consider are relevant to you.   If you are from an organisation that supports the communities below you may also register as an organisation to join in focus group discussions.  Joining details are below.

Transgender communities
Cancer patients
Ethnic minority communities
Disabled people (including those with long term conditions)
General focus group
The survey will take about 30 minutes to complete and is open from
28th May 2021 until 27th July 2021. 
Supporting your engagement
If you would like to join a focus group discussion, require support to complete the survey, require this information in another format or language, or you need telephone support to complete the survey, please telephone the NHS engagement team  and leave your contact details so we can call you back. The contact numbers are: 07717 691617 or 07841 685639 the phoneline will be available between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.  Alternatively, you can email or
Thank you for taking time to share your views
this will help us to improve services in the future

1. About You

Please tell us what part of Greater Manchester do you live?


2. Please tell us where you have accessed assisted conception/fertility treatment services? (tick all providers you have accessed) *


3. Starting your treatment journey

Please tell us when you have used assisted conception and fertility treatment services in Greater Manchester?


4. Did your GP explain what will happen next once referred? *


5. To what extent were you satisfied or dissatisfied with the length of time your GP referral took?  *


6. Were you provided with the right level of information from the hospital and/or fertility centre to help you make informed choices about your treatment?  (this can be a conversation, leaflet, letter etc.) *


7. Was the information you received provided in the correct format and language and easy to understand to help you make informed choices about your care? *


8. Did you attend more than one hospital site/fertility centre to receive treatment? 


9. Assisted conception and fertility treatment takes time and is provided in various stages, what has been your experience and how can this be improved?  If this is not applicable to you,  please write (not applicable) in comment box *


10. Travelling to access services

How do you travel to the assisted conception and fertility treatment service in Greater Manchester? (tick all that are relevant to you)


11. Please tell us if you have experienced any issues or difficulties in relation to travelling to receive assisted conception and fertility treatment services in Greater Manchester? *


12. Supporting your individual needs
Please tell us if there is anything about the services, facilities or building that makes accessibility difficult for disabled people (this includes a wide range of disabled people – for example mobility, sensory, mental ill health, long term health or learning disability barriers).



13. Can we do more to support disabled people to have a more positive patient experience, what would you suggest?


14. If you needed an interpreter to communicate to you in your own language, or  needed sign language support, please tell us if this was offered to you and if the support provided was sufficient to meet your needs *


15. Can we do more to support people to have a more positive patient experience? Whar would you suggest?


16. Please tell us if you experienced any cultural barriers to the service, for example, if for religious reasons you wanted to be seen by someone of the same sex and was not provided this as an option.

Please briefly describe your experience and tell how we could reduce cultural barriers?



17. Rating your experience and satisfaction

Please tell us overall how you would rate the service delivered you received treatment from?


18. To what extent were you satisfied with the care and quality of the service you have received? (please tick one box) *


19. Is there anything else you would like to briefly tell us about your experience.


20. If you are responding as an organisation, please list any further comments you wish to make and confirm your organisations name


Your Priorities
As a person who has used the services, what do you think are the top three most important things people need to support them when they require assisted conception and fertility treatment services?


Your Priorities

If you have not already used the services, but may need to in the future, what do you think are the top three most important things people need to support them when they require assisted conception and fertility treatment services?