Solihull Adult Social Care Directorate Plan - Public Survey

1. Solihull Adult Social Care Directorate Plan Public Survey

This survey is asking for your views on a new five year plan for Adult Social Care.

We want to make sure our plan includes what matters to people we support, carers and families, our staff, NHS and voluntary sector partners.  We also want to make sure we take into account the long-term impact of COVID-19

Please take 10-15 minutes to complete the following survey.  If you would also like to be part of a discussion session on the plan please provide your details at the end of the survey.

1. Have you read the full plan or the summary presentation on the Council website? If not, we recommend you do so before answering the survey. *


2. Do you have any suggestions for improvements on our vision and purpose? *


3. Do you have any suggestions for improvement in describing our values and approach? *


4. Would you like to suggest any changes to our enabling priorities? *


5. Please choose the statement below that applies to you.


6. Please tell us how important this year’s projects are to you? (Please rank in order of importance, where 1 is most important).

To rank the projects you can either change the order by dragging the answer into position eg moving Carers Strategy to the top of the list. Or you can use the numbered drop down menu to choose the importance and the answer will move to that place in the list of projects. *


7. What would you like to see Solihull Council provide in terms of future care? *


8. What types of opportunities would you like us to give you to provide us with regular feedback?


9. Please leave any other comments you may have about our Directorate Plan below.


10. If you would like to be involved in a follow-up session to discuss the plan, with a view to working with us to improve services, please leave your contact details.