Right On Time: Automating Military Logistics Collaboration Survey

Thank you for taking this opportunity to meet other potential collaborators for the Right On Time: Automating Military Logistics DASA competition.

By completing this survey you are agreeing that the information provided can be shared with all those who respond to the survey. The information you provide will be sent out unedited each Friday until 05 March 2021 to the respondents of this survey. 

Please do not include any proprietary or commercially sensitive information in your response. All information should be at UK OFFICIAL.   

Please note:
  • there is a risk that the information you provide could end up in the public domain through hacking or data mining.
  • this survey is intended to aid collaboration for the DASA Right on Time Competition; it is not intended to act as a sales platform for companies. 
  • DASA do not endorse or recommend any of the companies who respond to this survey.
  • You will be unable to return to the survey to complete a partial response. All responses must be submitted together. 

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