Apex Wildlife and Leisure Park Visitor Survey - Summer 2020

Please could you spend 5 minutes answering some questions to give us your views on Apex Park?

1. Is this the first time you have been to Apex Park?


2. How frequently do you use this park?


3. How did you travel here today?


4. How long do you plan to stay in the park today?


5. How did you first find out about Apex Park


6. What would be your preferred method for finding out about events and activities at Apex Park?


7. What are the main reasons for your visit to the park today? (Tick all that apply)


8. We would like you to rate the following aspects of this park, its facilities and maintenance:

ExcellentGoodAveragePoorVery PoorDon't Know
Personal safety
Signage & information
Car parking
Seats & picnic tables
Disabled access
Skate park
Children’s play area
Outdoor Gym

9. How important would the following facilities be to you at Apex Park?

Very ImportantImportantNeutralNot ImportantNot Important at all
More signage & information
Larger wildflower areas
Park ranger
Children’s play area
More Litter bins
More dog waste bins
More Seating
More Picnic tables
Wildlife adventure trail
Timber assault course
Public art
Guided walks
Sensory area
Multi use games area (Ball court)
Bird hide
Bridge over narrow section of the lake

10. If parking charges were introduced, would it stop you from visiting Apex Park?


11. What would encourage you to visit Apex Park more frequently?


12. Would you like to see a refreshment concessionaire all year round?


13. Have you heard of the Friends of Apex Park Improvements group?


14. Did you know they have the following

Facebook page