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As we approach the June 23rd deadline for Public Sector website accessibilty, there are currently over 13 million UK citizens struggling to do the simplest of tasks and carry out every day actions due to inaccessible websites and digital services.

Our partners at Invotra are passionate about helping government organisations to achieve a great experience for 100% of users. For over 5 years, they have been solving communication and collaboration related challenges for the UK public sector, currently supplying services to over 47% of UK civil servants as well as local authorities and ALBS.

As such, we are currently researching the maturity of website accessibility across the whole of the UK public sector.

Please take less than a minute to fill out our quickfire 2-question survey and you could win either a free accessibility audit or usability assessment for your organisation worth £3,500!

Post-survey, you can also view a short video of experts from a variety of organisations including RNIB, East Herts Council, DWP and HMRC as well as numerous assisted software users, who highlight the challenges faced by organisations in providing accessible experiences.

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