Local Business Registration


1. Local Business Engagement

Welcome to our Onboardlocal Business Registration Form. This takes around 8-10 minutes to complete.

This information is being collected to help HS2 Ltd and our contractors understand what services local businesses in and around the line of route can offer.
Provide us with your details, so we can add you to the Onboardlocal map that we share regularly with all the contractors working on the project.
Whilst you are here, we would also like to understand your view on how we are doing at being a good neighbour to local businesses. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Data Protection
We will share this data with the HS2 Ltd project teams and HS2 contractors working on the delivery of the project. This will identify and promote what services local businesses can provide to our project teams and contractors. We may also share further useful information as it becomes available.The data collected will also be anonymised and analysed for the reporting to the public and our stakeholders.

We will not share this data with any other parties unless required to do so by law. We do not, and will not, sell personal information. More information about how HS2 uses personal data can be found on our Privacy Notice: https://www.hs2.org.uk/privacy-notice/.