Bristol City Council Climate Change Website Survey

Bristol City Council is developing a website to help people reduce their effect on climate change.

Climate change is a long-term shift in global or regional climate patterns. Human activities such as burning gas, oil and coal are contributing to a changing climate, which in turn can cause rising sea level,  poorer harvests, more severe and frequent storms, droughts, wildfires, and extreme temperatures, and extinction of some animals and plants. We all have a part to play in reducing our impact on the environment.

We would like to hear your views, which will help us create a more useful website.

Please complete this short survey by Wednesday 19 February.

If you would like this information in another language, braille, audio tape, large print, easy English, BSL video or CD rom or plain text please contact us by emailing or calling 0117 922 2848.

1. How concerned are you are about climate change right now?


2. We would like to know if you have changed your behaviour in the last year because of climate change? Please select all that apply.


3. What do you think are the most important things you can do to help combat climate change? Please select high importance or medium importance or low importance for each.

High importanceMedium importanceLow importance
Eat less meat and / or dairy
Cut back on flying
Reduce the amount I use the car
Reduce my energy use at home
Help protect green spaces
Invest my money in ethical banks and funds
Cut my household consumption and waste
Make my voice heard by those in power
Talk to other people about the changes I’m making

4. How confident do you feel that you know what to do to reduce your carbon emissions and combat climate change?


5. Are there any barriers preventing you from doing more to combat climate change?


6. What kind of online tools or support would help you to do more to combat climate change? Please select all that apply.