Corporate Strategy 2021

What would we like to know?

Our draft strategy includes an overall vision for the council and city, our organisational values, the principles which guide how we do things, and our proposed priorities for the coming five years.

We consulted on our vision and values in 2017 when we last drafted a Corporate Strategy, and they remain largely unchanged. Therefore, this consultation focuses on two areas:
  • Our ‘building blocks’. These are a set of five guiding principles that influence how we do things and the way in which we design our projects, services and priorities. The five building blocks are Equality and Inclusion, Sustainability, Development and Delivery, Resilience, and World class employment. We would like to know how important you think each of these building blocks is for the council’s strategy.
  • Our ‘priorities’, which set out at a high level what we intend to do in the coming five years. We would like to know how important you think each of these priorities is, particularly because we have limited resources and may need to set fewer priorities in our final version than we have included in this draft. The 32 priorities are grouped under seven themes: Children and Young People, Economy and Skills, Environment and Sustainability, Health, Care and Wellbeing, Homes and Communities, Transport and Connectivity, and A Development Organisation.
The building blocks and priorities are described in more detail on later pages. Whilst our questions focus on these two areas, you can also make comments about any part of the draft strategy, including whether you think we have missed anything important that should be a priority.
Building blocks: •	Equality and Inclusion •	Sustainability •	Development and Delivery •	Resilience •	World class employment  Themes and priorities:  Children and Young People •	Child Friendly City •	Supported to thrive •	Equity in education •	Intergenerational equality Economy and Skills •	Regeneration •	Access to employment •	Good growth •	Childcare •	Digital inclusion Environment and Sustainability •	Carbon neutral •	Ecological recovery •	Waste reduction •	Climate resilience •	Global leadership Health, Care and Wellbeing •	Transforming care •	Mental health and wellbeing •	Poverty •	Disability Homes and Communities •	Housing supply •	Healthy homes •	Homelessness •	Community participation  Transport and Connectivity •	Connectivity •	Improved bus services •	Safe and active travel •	Infrastructure A Development Organisation •	One city •	One council •	Employer of choice •	Data driven •	Good governance •	Estate review
How have we created this draft?

Our draft Corporate Strategy is based on a wide range of evidence and engagement. This has helped us understand the challenges and opportunities facing the council and the city, especially as we consider the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means for our future.

Our evidence base includes:
  • Your views. The opinions of Bristol citizens, from the annual Quality of Life survey and our first Citizen’s Assembly in 2021.
  • Local, regional and national policies and strategies. This includes Bristol’s One City Plan, the previous Corporate Strategy, Bristol’s Economic Recovery and Renewal Plan, the Climate Strategy and Ecological Emergency Strategy.
  • Political priorities. Bristol City Council is a politically-led organisation with members from four political parties and a directly elected Labour Mayor. We reviewed all the political manifestos used in the 2021 Mayoral and Local Elections to understand what commitments were made to citizens and the shared priorities of elected councillors.
  • Technical and professional evidence. This includes statistical data and insights, such as the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment which looks at health statistics and needs in the area. It also includes our Corporate Risk Register, annual performance reports and other professional management information we use to run our business.
  • Research documents. This includes things like economic forecasts and research undertaken locally and nationally about the short, medium and long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Engagement. This includes internal workshops and discussions with our Mayor, Cabinet, senior officers, staff, Youth Council and a cross-party working group of elected councillors.
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