My experience of the Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub




Thank you for completing this survey. The Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub has been providing invaluable support, advice and guidance to businesses in Lincolnshire for many years, helping them to achieve their goals for growth and navigate times of crisis, such as the EU-Exit, COVID-19 pandemic and war in Ukraine. Under the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF), Business Lincolnshire have been commissioned to continue providing this important business support to the following areas: 

  • Lincoln
  • North Kesteven
  • South Kesteven
  • West Lindsey
  • North East Lincolnshire
  • North Lincolnshire
  • Rutland

To help them ensure they are delivering the best service possible, Business Lincolnshire want to hear from businesses in these areas and understand their experiences of accessing support, what worked well for them, how they have been impacted and what could be done better in the future. This survey is your opportunity to share and feedback on your experience, helping to shape the future of business support. It should take around 10 – 20 minutes to complete, depending on the answers you select and provide.

This survey is being conducted by Social Change, an independent social research and marketing agency, on behalf of Business Lincolnshire. All of your answers will remain confidential and anonymous, meaning you won’t be identified at any point during the sharing of findings (unless you opt-in to be contacted by Business Lincolnshire to further discuss your experience). For more information on how we collect, store and process data, please see our GDPR Privacy Policy here:

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