Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils Parking Consultation

Babergh & Mid Suffolk District Councils are producing a new parking strategy which needs to identify parking demand and supply across the districts for the next 5–10 years. It will help ensure suitable levels of car and other vehicle type parking facilities are available to support town centre regeneration (both commercial and residential) and enable access to towns as well as rural villages.  To do this usefully the strategy must take into account private as well as public parking provision, public transport, and transport trends.

As part of this work, the councils want to hear from you – their residents, businesses, and visitors about your experiences of parking in the districts.

The questionnaire contains 31 questions with majority being multiple choice and should take no longer than about 10-15 minutes to complete unless you have further comments. The topics covered include:
  • Reasons for visiting and mode of transport;
  • The location(s) of the car park or road you use;
  • The type of vehicle you wish to park (car, motorcycle, bike, caravan, etc.)
  • Finding a space and any issues in doing so, such as a disability;
  • Whether there is sufficient parking in the town centres;
  • The parking experience including directional signage, safety, and locations;
  • The cost of parking;
  • When and how you would like to pay for parking;
  • How the towns in Babergh & Mid Suffolk compare to neighbouring towns.
If the survey is not submitted, it will not be possible to include the feedback within the review that will occur after the consultation.  

Survey Privacy Notice

Any personal information shared with Babergh and Mid-Suffolk District Councils whilst completing this survey will be processed, protected and disposed of in accordance with the UK General Data Protection Regulations and Data Protection Act 2018. In some circumstances however we may need to disclose your personal details to a third party in order to deliver the service to you (for example analyse the survey results), and in limited circumstances we may disclose your information for other lawful purposes. Any information about you that we pass to a third party will be held securely by that party. For more information on how we do this and your rights in regards to your personal information and how to access it, visit our website: Your Right to Information

1. Please provide your postcode below so we have an idea of where you are responding from. *


2. Are you responding as? (Tick all that apply)


3. Where do you currently park your vehicle(s) at the following times? (Tick all that apply)

On the roadOn my driveIn a garageIn a marked disabled bayIn an allocated parking spaceMy vehicle is normally at workI do not have a vehicle
Monday to Friday during the day
Monday to Friday after 5pm

4. How would you rate the following issues regarding parking in your street?

It's a big problemIt's quite a big problemIt's not really a problemIt's not a problem at all
Parked vehicles causing an obstruction at junctions
Parked vehicles obstructing driveways
Vehicles obstructing bus stops
Parked vehicles obstructing traffic flow
Enforcement of existing parking restrictions
Your ability to park close to your home
Ability of visitors to park close to your home

5. Do you think the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way you travel into the Babergh and Mid Suffolk regions and how often you visit the town centres?