Singapore Grand Prix Attendees - Crowd Management and Safety


1. What year(s) did you attend the Singapore Grand Prix?


2. How old are you?


3. What form of transport did you take to the venue?


4. If you went by taxi or drove, how would you describe the congestion entering the venue?


5. How easy would you describe your ability to enter the venue with the attending crowd?


6. Would you say that you felt safe throughout your event experience?


7. Did any of the safety measures around the circuit impede your view or affect you event experience negatively?


8. How easily were you able to move throughout the venue to make use of the provided amenities and other entertainment aspects offered?


9. Did you feel comfortable knowing where to go if in need of a medical emergency


10. How easy was it leaving the venue after the main event of the day had concluded?


11. Which transport did you take leaving the venue?


12. Overall, what aspects of the Grand Prix would you change to improve crowd management and its health and safety?

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