Being Human 2021 Event Stakeholder Feedback Survey

You have been sent this survey because you were involved in an event that was part of the Being Human festival of the humanities 2021, e.g. you may have been a community or cultural partner; a speaker; a panellist; an artist or performer; or you represent a host venue or host organisation.

Your feedback will help the event organisers, the festival central team and the festival sponsors understand the impact of the festival and who is taking part. Any suggestions or learning you identify will inform future planning and delivery of Being Human, and help to secure future funding.

Your answers are confidential and will only be seen by Being Human's external evaluators - Jenesys Associates - who process any personal data in accordance with this privacy notice.

N.B. Answer options for closed questions are not listed in any order of preference or hierarchy, please choose the option/s that best applies to you.

If you have any questions about the survey or change your mind about giving answers please contact:

Firstly, there are a few questions about the particular event/s that you were involved in.

1. Name or description of the Being Human 2021 event/s in which you were involved? (required only for tracking purposes, your confidentiality is assured) *


2. What were your motivations for taking part in the event/s? (Please select all that apply.)


3. Which audience group/s did you hope the event/s would reach?


4. What impacts did you hope the event/s would have on the audiences you described in your previous answer?


5. How do you rate the experience of taking part in Being Human 2021? Please use the comments box to explain your rating.


6. Which, if any, of these public engagement outcomes did your involvement in Being Human deliver?

I engaged with a new audience for my research/ work/ institution
I gained access to resources/ support for developing new public engagement ideas
I felt inspired to develop new ways of working in public engagement
I obtained ideas/ information with the potential to inform my future research
I reached the audiences I wanted to
I raised the profile of me/ my research or work/ my institution
I was introduced to new methods/ models for public engagement

7. Which, if any, of these partnership outcomes did your involvement in Being Human deliver?

I established new relationship/s with partners in community or cultural sectors
I further developed existing relationship/s with partners in community or cultural sectors
I established new collaboration/s with researcher/s
I further developed existing collaboration/s with researcher/s
I established new multidisciplinary collaboration/s
I further developed existing multidisciplinary collaboration/s

8. To help understand the reach of Being Human festival events, please indicate if you promoted the event/s to any potential attendees or audiences? *