Survey for Children and Young People to inform the Bristol Belonging Strategy


1. Please tell us up to 5 situations or places that give you a feeling of 'belonging'

These could include thinks like: spending time with friends, going to the park, doing outdoor activities, feeling of safety, activities such as clubs and groups, opportunities to develop skills and experiences, art and culture, shops and cafes, community spaces such as youth clubs and centres, affordable transport links.


2. What words or phrases best describe community to you?


3. Do you feel represented and valued in your community?


4. Are there particular people in your community who help give you a feeling of belonging?

These could be youth workers, social workers, support workers, teachers, religious figures, neighbours, friends, family.


5. What can have a negative influence on your feeling of belonging?


6. What words or phrases best describe what family means to you?


7. What do children and young people need from their family to feel a sense of belonging? (please tick all that apply)


8. How important is school in helping you feel as though you belong?


9. Do you feel you ‘belong’ in your school?


10. If 'yes' what helps you feel like you belong in school? (please tick all that apply)


11. How else can school help develop a feeling of belonging for you and others? (please tick all that apply)


12. How can Bristol make sure all children and young people living in Bristol feel they belong in their city?