Bramley Moore Dock CR61 - CPZ Survey

About this survey

Construction work is underway on the new stadium for Everton Football Club on the Bramley Moore Dock site off Regent Road.

As part of the planning agreement for the stadium, methods to control parking around the ground on event days need to be introduced to discourage visitors from driving to the area.

The Football Match Parking Zone extension will consider the following proposals:-
  • New Resident Parking Areas
  • New taxi ranks
  • New match day bus stands
  • New parking restrictions
  • New hours of operation for existing parking zones for Great Homer Street Area
  • New hours of operation for existing parking zones for the Ten Streets & Love Lane areas
  • New Industrial parking zone south of Boundary Street
  • New Industrial parking zone north of Boundary Street
The next steps

In the new year, Liverpool City Council will review the comments and decide if any amendments to the proposals are required. The proposals will then be advertised, allowing formal objections against the proposals can be lodged.

The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

The closing date for this survey is 12th December 2022.

What happens to my views
Your views will be collected, anonymised, and analysed to help decisions to be made about what needs to happen to the CPZ proposals. Your feedback will be collated by Liverpool City Council under the protocols of the Council’s privacy notice for the purpose of this consultation. Any information that is requested by 3rd parties, if considered appropriate to share will have any personal data that could identify the respondent removed or changed before files are shared.

Read Liverpool City Council privacy notice

What happens next?
Comments are being invited on the above proposed changes over the next 4 weeks. The results of this voluntary consultation will help to inform the CPZ proposals. Once the Council are satisfied that it has addressed any concerns as far as it is possible to do, the Council will commence the formal Traffic Regulation order consultation. This will be formally advertised and affected parties will be given the opportunity to support or object to the proposals.