High Street recovery survey

Supporting Bristol’s City Centre and high streets is essential if we are to see them recover and bounce back from the challenges of COVID-19. Bristol City Council has secured £4.725 million of funding to help the City Centre and high streets recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The programme will link up with other initiatives to maximise the funding and support available.

The City Centre and our high streets are a vital part of what makes Bristol what it is. Filling vacant premises, diversifying what’s on offer, improving the appearance, greening spaces and culture and event activities will all help increase the number of people visiting and using these places.

We are gathering information and ideas from businesses, residents and visitors on improvements for the high streets detailed below. We will be using this information to develop action plans for each of these areas.
  • City Centre
  • Brislington (Brislington Hill/Bristol Hill)
  • Church Road, St George
  • East Street, Bedminster
  • Filton Avenue
  • Filwood Broadway
  • Shirehampton High Street
  • Stapleton Road
  • Stockwood (Hollway Road/Stockwood Road)
  • Two Mile Hill

If you wish to comment on more than one area you will need to complete a separate survey for each of the areas you have an interest in.

The survey is due to close on 8 November.

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