Out of School Settings Contact

Under the requirements laid out in Working Together to Safeguard Children we request an updated list of key contacts for every setting.  This enables effective communication and information sharing between education settings and the local authority in order to promote the safety and welfare of children in Bristol.

1. Name of setting/organisation *


2. Type of provision (please tick all that apply) *


3. Size of setting *


4. Registered address *


5. Contact number *


6. Name and position of colleague in charge *


7. Email address *


8. Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) *


9. Email address of Designated Safeguarding Lead *


10. Mailing list consent *


11. Are you affiliated with another organisation? (Eg. National charity/National organisation/diocese).
If yes, please specify.


12. Do you provide services to any other local organisations? (eg. schools)


13. Are you registered with and/or regulated by:


14. Is your setting overseen by any safeguarding governance? If so, please provide details below.


What Safeguarding support would you like from the Local Authority?