Parks’ sports (bowls, cricket and football) facilities consultation
In May 2018, following public consultation on options to make savings from the parks budgets, the council made the decision that in the future, sporting activities taking place in parks must not incur a cost to the council.
The council now wishes to consult on more detailed options to achieve this. These options are:

Option A: The council would invite expressions of interest from third parties, including sports clubs and sports bodies, to operate and maintain one or more of its facilities going forward.

Option B: The council would continue to manage sports facilities in parks and increase its fees and charges for hiring these facilities to a level that covers all relevant maintenance and repair costs.

Option C: Your alternative ideas to achieve operation of sports facilities in parks at zero cost to the council.

The sites that would be affected are:
  • Ardagh Bowling Green
  • Arnall Drive Playing Fields (football pitches only)
  • Ashton Vale Playing Fields (football pitches only)
  • Avonvale / Netham Bowls Facility
  • Begbrook Green Park Bowls Facility
  • Begbrook Green Park Football
  • Canford Park Bowls Facility
  • Canford Park Football
  • Dorian Road (football pitches only)
  • Dundridge Farm Playing Fields (football)
  • Eastville Park Bowls Facility
  • Eastville Park Football
  • Greville Smyth Park Football
  • Kings Head Lane Park Football
  • Netham Park
  • Oldbury Court Estate
  • Redcatch Park Football
  • St George Park Bowls Facility
  • Wellington Hill (football pitch only)
For information on council sports sites not in scope here, please see this document.

Further information on the proposed options to achieve no-cost operation is available in the survey below and in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Previous consultations relating to sports and parks can be reviewed here: Please answer the following questions:
Part A: Your interest in parks

1. Are you responding on behalf of an organisation?