Responding to parental conflict in Bristol


1. Why have you been sent this survey?
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The quality of parenting and of the relationship between parents, whether they are together or apart, has a major influence on a child’s development and long-term life chances. Early intervention can help to improve parenting practices, to support families feeling the strain of financial or other pressures, and to reduce the conflict between parents which can be harmful for their children. Bristol wants to develop and improve its response to parental conflict. 

This survey is about what services do now, and should do in future to reduce parental conflict in families in Bristol, and so improve outcomes for children. It is being sent to people who work with children, young people and families in Bristol, and those who manage or commission services. Another survey is being sent to parents and carers, and another to strategic leads.

A company called Taproot Ltd. has been appointed to gather views and facilitate a conversation in Bristol. Please take 10-20 minutes to share your knowledge and views with them through this survey. 

This survey will close on Wednesday 15th May.

Privacy Notice: 
SmartSurvey are collecting your survey responses on Taproot Ltd's behalf. SmartSurvey then store those survey responses for  Taproot Ltd. All personal data will be deleted at most three months after the closure of this survey. If you give consent for this, we will pass your contact details to Bristol City Council and in this case only you may be contacted to ask you if you want to get involved in the Bristol response to parental conflict. 

If you would like your survey responses erased, rectified, accessed or for any other queries about your data protection, please contact Taproot Ltd at To find out about how SmartSurvey store the data, visit

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