Budget Consultation 2020/21
Bristol City Council is consulting on the level of Council Tax for next year (2020/21). We would like your views on whether, and if so by how much, we should increase Council Tax to pay for general services and adult social care. This will help us when we decide the level of Council Tax and the council’s budget in February.

Please read the information and watch the video below and answer the questions and submit this survey by 4 December. You do not have to answer all the questions if you do not want to.

Every February, the council sets a budget for the next year which details how much money we will be able to spend on each of the services the council provides.

Bristol is an ambitious city with future plans set out in the One City Plan published in January 2019. Bristol City Council has high aspirations for the future and a track record of seeking to maintain services in new and improved ways at a lower cost whilst investing in the future. We want Bristol to thrive and continue to be a great place in which to live and work.
Spending on services

We spend around £1 billion each year providing a range of services to the people of Bristol.

The money the council has to spend on delivering day-to-day services to citizens is called the revenue budget. A third of this budget is raised locally through Council Tax and Business Rates:
  • 20% (£215 million) from Council Tax
  • 13% (£134 million) from Business Rates
The remaining 67% (£705 million) funding comes from grants from the government (such as schools funding) and other income such as fees and charges we make for some of the services we provide. You can read more about some of the grants and other income that make up our revenue budget in our Further information document.

Most people use a council service every day. Schools, adult or children’s social care, health protection, emptying of bins, recycling and leisure facilities such as parks and libraries are just some of the many services meeting people’s daily needs. We must ensure these services are sustainable.

Of the £215 million raised each year from Council Tax, the chart below shows how much we spend per household on these services in Bristol.
Capital investment in services

As well as funding day-to-day services from our revenue budget (the money available to the council to spend on delivering day-to-day services to the citizens of Bristol), we need to ensure effective services for the future. Capital expenditure is money we spend to build physical things (such as housing, schools, roads and footpaths) which will last for a long time and may generate income.

We have a five-year capital investment programme to 2023 of approximately £900 million. This investment will help meet the city’s aspirations and sustain economic growth.

You can read more about the capital programme in the Further information document.