In 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement brought to the world’s attention important issues relating to on-going racism in society. An important issue that was raised related to how commemorations of history should now be reviewed to ensure they are appropriate to the current time.

This review is to ensure statues and commemorations, as well as the names of streets and buildings, are representative of local people’s values and those of a modern, inclusive Council.

We have an opportunity to celebrate the diverse communities which make up the Stroud District and to recognise the achievements of people from black, Asian and ethnically diverse backgrounds and from other underrepresented groups that may have been overlooked in the past.

This consultation therefore also invites the consideration for future recognition of individuals or events that celebrate diversity and important events in our recent history.

Feedback from the consultation will also be used to help determine a future approach to public spaces. Hearing from people through this consultation about what’s important to them will help us ensure that in future the different histories and achievements are reflected.

A Review Panel made up of community representatives, councillors and historians will review the findings to determine the action that should be taken. The suggestions received will be reviewed with a range of possible outcomes including but not limited to relocation, the addition of explanatory information, renaming or removal. In some cases, it may be decided that no action is necessary at all. The Review Panel will then publish it its recommendations based on the representations made.


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