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Who was your policy originally with?

How to identify who your policy was originally with:
Countrywide Assured/Premium Life - policy number has six digits followed by one letter (123456A) or a five or six digit number followed by a six digit number (12345/724001)
Save & Prosper (S&P) - policy number has a prefix of two letters followed by seven digits and a suffix of between one and three letters (DU1234567KA)
Protection Life (formerly Direct Line Life) - If your policy number has six digits, starting with a number between 0 and 5
City of Westminster Assurance (CWA) - policy number is in any of the following formats - seven digits (1234567), two zeros followed by five digits (0012345), one zero followed by six digits (0123456), two letters, four digits and one letter (AB1234C), three digits, six digits, two digits (212-345678-90)