Climate Emergency Implementation Plan 2020


1. Introduction
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In 2018, the Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a report highlighting urgent need for global action on climate change- one decade to act to avoid catastrophic changes.  In response to this stark warning, in 2019, Glasgow City Council set up a Climate Emergency Working Group, subsequently declaring Climate Emergency in the city.  The working group produced an independent expert report which made 61 recommendations, with a target for the city to achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2030 at its heart.
The Climate Emergency Implementation Plan provides a response to the recommendations set out by the Climate Emergency Working Group. This sets a course for further action, and describes the means by which a city and its people will face the extraordinary challenges of the global climate emergency.
The City council are looking to undertake this consultation to engage and galvanise local organisations, businesses, communities and citizens to inform the development of the proposed Climate Emergency Implementation Plan (CEIP) and support its delivery.
This Conversation aims to raise awareness of the Climate Emergency and the key issues facing the city. This will include opportunities for early action on health & wellbeing, economy and natural environment.  This will also include, engaging Glaswegians in relation to Glasgow and Scotland’s emission reduction aims, low carbon behaviours and actions required at all levels to achieve these aims.

In particular, this process will allow the council to gather feedback on the plan’s proposed actions, thematic approach and level of ambition.
This will be undertaken through this survey and a series of public Climate Emergency Conversations, allowing all organisations and individuals in Glasgow to participate.
Following this climate emergency conversation, Glasgow City Council would be in a position to propose that the council approve and adopt the revised plan. Having support from our local communities, partners and stakeholders will embolden the city’s commitment to creating a climate smart place that works for all.

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