Information Provision around Continuing Health Care


1. Continuing Healthcare (CHC)

Evolving Communities CIC are working with Beacon to find out more about the quality and accessibility of information provided to people who are trying to access NHS continuing healthcare funding (CHC).

We want to hear the views of those who have gone through some or all of the CHC assessment process, checklist and/or full multidisciplinary team (MDT) assessment, about the information that they received.  

This information will feed into work being carried out by NHS England (NHSE) and will help them in the development of a national information resource about CHC that will better meet the needs of patients and their representatives. All responses to this survey are anonymous. 

We understand that for many people, they require someone else to help them through the CHC process (a representative). This person may be a friend, relative and/or unpaid carer. This survey can be completed by either the representative or the individual. This will help us to build up a full picture of the type of information that would help both individuals and their representatives in the future. Therefore, we will refer to the person who received the assessment as ‘the individual’ throughout the survey.

1. Are you the individual or the individual’s representative?